Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dapitan City (Zamboanga Del Norte) shots - October 2011

Dakak t-shirt stall along the road of Dapitan City proper
Floating hut along the beach of Dapitan

Unknown seed washed along the has only two options -
to die or to grow...


 Shrine of Jose Rizal at the Sta Cruz beach where he landed          during his exile in July 17, 1892.


The church where Jose Rizal hear mass every sunday at Dapitan City

CASA REDONDA (Replica of the octagonal clinic of Rizal) - The octagonal hut served as Rizal's clinic and as a dormitory of some of his pupils. Reconstructed with the same materials as the main house, it now stands as a reminder of the numerous medications performed by Rizal  during his exile in Dapitan.
CASA RESIDENCIA - Replica of Jose Rizal's house in Talisay

  MI RETIRO ROCK (Rizal's retreat rock) - The rock got its name from Rizal's poem "Mi Retiro" as it while sitting on it that he wrote the first few stanzas of the poem; also known as the "lovers' rock" since Rizal and Josephine Bracken has spent many romantic moment on it.

Photography jewel within the interior towns of Ilocos Sur

A cozy place to stay...located at the heart of vigan city - a heritage city of the north.