Thursday, December 22, 2011

Underwater Photo Shoots Alternative

  Stillness keeps us one 
with and water
 I have always been fascinated by the beauty of life under the sea. So I've been thinking of doing underwater photo shoot...unfortunately its not easy as it seems.  There are lot of things that needs to be prepared before you can do such an adventure shooting. You need to buy an underwater camera, have a diving lesson, etc..

I can't wait... so there we go... went into an alternative underwater photo shoots - no new lenses, no more deep sea diving, not even a water suit...these pictures are taken from the Manila Ocean Park (Philippines) during a family tour.

Here the subjects are willing to be pictured and it seemed they already know how to pose...the only constraints are lighting problems and  shadows     because of the aquarium glass glare.

The messages and wisdom that I have seen in these pictures are lessons of life...please enjoy as you go through these pictures.

The force that keeps the balance of the
universe can be seen even with the colors
that life itself manifest. 

  Some are simply open and
  some are massively protected

We are all here for a purpose

The circle for life...

  Seeing life upside down? may say
   as you look but it sees the world as you do

would it make a difference if they have known that they are being called the dancing fairies of the sea? Knowing it or not they just dance as gaily as they are for life is what you make it...
Colors are the language of beauty


  1. Thank you very much for your visit and kind comments on my blog.
    Yes we have four seasons. I like the autumn with its warm coloures.
    You have other beautiful things in your country.
    I'll see it in your blog.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  2. Hello, artspshots.

     I was given many crops from your glorious works.
     We are far distantly each other, but this human interchange has cultural significance.

     Thank you for your heartwarming message and many visit, in this year.
     I thank for your encouragement for Japan.

     Healthy and Happy new years for you and yours.

    Close spring, ruma ❀

  3. Wonderful photos and great colours. So much easier ,cheaper and faster than having to travel underwater in the open ocean.

  4. Zdjęcia są śliczne. Też lubię oglądać wodny świat :-). Pozdrawiam

    The pictures are beautiful. Also I like to watch the water world :-). Yours