Monday, January 23, 2012

Blue Mountains Pictures

These pictures were taken during a tour at the blue mountain Sydney Australia while I was still studying at the University of Technology Sydney...These pictures brings back memories.

Enchanted Blue Mountain

Wentworth Falls picture taken at the view deck

This shot missed the three sisters mountain which is on the left side

The famous three sisters mountain is at far right of the mountain range

The blue haze covering the mountains was seemingly caused by the oily vapor emitted by the trees within the mountain.



  1. I jest co wspominać, bo widoki są cudowne. Zdjęcia są piękne. Pozdrawiam. *** And it is what to say, because the views are wonderful. The pictures are beautiful. Yours

  2. Thanks Giga for your visit and comment...I myself is captivated by the beauty of the blue mountains in Australia